November 01, 2017

I watched Halloween for the first time

I watched the John Carpenter movie Halloween last night. It was fun. I saw Halloween 2 in the theater and I remember it being so scary I didn't want to see any more scary movies. (Horror is probably the genre I know the least about, after chick flicks.) Halloween was not so much scary as nervous-making. It could have been called Babysitter's Nightmare, the whole thing takes place while the parents are out for the evening on a weeknight. There are barely any adults in it, just the sheriff/friend's dad and Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence), who is maybe the biggest dope ever left in charge of a violent maniac. It's kind of a movie about "what would happen if all the cool fun babysitters started getting killed?" And very little blood, as Trey pointed out. Some teasing of nudity but future historians will place a higher value on the shots of young butts in period jeans fashion.

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