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March 23, 2018

you don't say

Let me update y'all:

Moved (again), this time to the Holy Cross neighborhood (Lower Ninth Ward). I'm a couple blocks from the St. Bernard parish line. Sure I have to cut the grass, but I can set fires whenever I want. I haven't been over the bridge in days. My address is down there in the footer. Send me mail, and you'll get mail back.

The Stacks are on hiatus from rehearsing until I get us a gig. It's something I've forgotten how to do. Won't you tell your favorite clubs to book us, preferably in an opening slot for a critically acclaimed out-of-town act, and point them to our Bandcamp album Tangerines and Evidence, please?

I closed my Shopify store. Turns out it's not that easy to get people to throw down a credit card and order an eight foot tall chunk of plywood on the internet). But I still do have the paintings for sale, now at my homegrown site, This Is My Happening. (I can still take credit cards, via Square. Or Stripe. Or PayPal.)

Someone I know has an art show at a local gallery. I made a little website for the show, Gina Phillips: Crow Valley, and she still has her very nice website at http://ginaphillips.org.

All my things have been in storage since January except a desk, a chair, a laptop, and my Wacom tablet. And two lamps. I have to get it all out of there soon and I'm looking forward to retrieving my bed, my artwork, my hand pruners, and my sound-baffling earmuffs, but part of me wants to divest from the books and records, and stuff. I've been living with so much space, and I listen to a lot of radio from elsewhere on the globe, so I still have more music and news than I can handle. I do like one local show, the stealth-named "Blues and R&B Show" on WWOZ, at nighttime. That guy just plays old blues records, but what amazing taste. He has some really good ones.

Things I have on my shopping list: a big barrel bolt, a 1999 Ford Ranger windshield, some keys, some things to distinguish the keys, a saddle stapler, Teenage Fanclub's Shadows, if I can find it on vinyl ('cause who am I kidding), a dish dryer deal, an internet package, desert boots, twelve cans of Chek Club Soda, a box of thumbtacks, and a partridge in a pear tree.

March 20, 2018

the backbone of America

the American businessman, devoted to enriching himself and thus raising the standard of living for all

March 18, 2018

opening the doors of perception

Songs can be a gateway back to our earliest selves. They can open the door to memory, to feelings we thought we had lost, left behind like a forgotten windbreaker on a sunny day.

March 17, 2018

college kids these days

One thing is for sure, college kids of every era stand for the best and brightest future of tomorrow.

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