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May 24, 2018

Negatory Good Buddy

Have trouble saying no? You won't anymore if you take possession of this companion who can only say no.

May 23, 2018

update from nature

I looked out the door and there was a blue jay (I think) carrying about two feet of that plastic strapping tape in its beak, bouncing from branch to branch in a backyard tree.

May 21, 2018

painting I haven't shown here

I sold this when I left New York but I don't think I ever posted it here. I like this one a lot.

It's called "Cloud Creatures."

May 19, 2018

I finished another Skillshare class but they didn't give me no badge or nothin'

Vue JS - Build 5 Web Apps [1 of 5]

I built my first single page application using Vue.js. It's a note taking app called Notemaster. It can take notes or to-dos, and you can dismiss them when you're done with them. Of course it doesn't actually store this info anywhere, so it's kind of useless but I think we're just learning the ropes on this first one.

I need to learn this technology AAP, so I guess I'll make the other four apps. I'm sorry, but the teacher (some kid from San Francisco) didn't see fit to make a cool completion badge or anything. So I made one.

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