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June 12, 2018

Three songs I hated as a kid that I really, really like as an adult

"If Loving You Is Wrong", Luther Ingram.

The subject matter made no sense to me and it seemed too slow. Now I realize it's perfect soul material and the guitar, organ and horns, hell, everybody is playing their ass off.

"Behind Closed Doors", Charlie Rich

I didn't like that Floyd Cramer-y piano and Charlie Rich sounded too much like not-the-Beatles, I think. Now I realize it's a great melody and the message, well.

"Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue," Crystal Gayle

This has the Floyd Cramer-y piano times two, and I just thought it was too twinkly and lame. But to my grown-up ears the lyrics are a little dark, and Crystal has an amazing voice, really rich and strong.

June 12, 2018

thanks for coming to the show

I want to thank everybody who came to my art opening at Treasure Tattoo last Saturday night. I had no idea so many people would come. I hope I got to talk at least a minute with everybody who came. It was really satisfying.

I also want to thank Jamie Ruth and Stacey from Treasure Tattoo for hosting. I really appreciate it. I loved the nibbles. I think my art looks really good in that space, so thanks for that as well.

The show is still up for six weeks, until mid-July. Treasure Tattoo is located at 2350 St Claude Avenue, and they're open 12 - 7 every day but Monday. Walk in and buy something!

June 07, 2018

oh yeah fer sure

no time to post today, lots going on. Come back tomorrow.

June 04, 2018

credit where credit is due, and it's due

A big shout out to Marcus Bronson for helping me get a temporary utility pole and two eight-foot copper rods out of the ground. "Helping me" should probably say "Mostly doing it for me". I dug down like a foot and thought I pretty much had the job done. so I asked Marcus to come help me jiggle this 16' 4x8 pole out of the ground. I thought I was 90% done. A few hours later, after naps, we attached a big handle to the thing and yanked it out of the soil. I was over a foot off of where I thought the bottom was, maybe two feet. Shout out to local electricians doing work up to code; I think this pole would have stood for 100 years. Also, everyone was surprised Marcus pulled these grounding rods out with his bare hands. Apparently the custom is to just smack them further into the dirt when you're done with them.

Also shouts out to Adam Farrington and Gina Phillips for hooking up a trailer to get the dern thing out of the yard when we were done.

May 29, 2018

basketball jones

Playing around with a Wacom and Kyle Webster screentone brushes.

May 24, 2018


I was trying to type the word "kind" but I typed "lind" and my heart sank, I had an instant feeling of sadness and regret. But I know why: I used to walk part of the way home from work on dark, cold New York evenings, and I would walk from my job on 40th and 3rd to the 14th Street L stop. It was a long time to think, and not much to cheer you. There was a depressing-looking restaurant in or near a housing project and the sign read "Cielito Lindo". And I never went in, but every time I passed it I imagined it might be a nice place that the neighborhood people really relied on, even though it looked depressing and half-closed from the outside. (So, "lind" reminded me of "Lindo.")

I'll try not to make any more typos tonight.

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