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My illustration work has two major styles. When I first started doing illustration work for clients, I worked in watercolor over pencil. I still love the way it looks, but I stopped doing it because you can't make any corrections at all. If the client wants a change, or if the illustrator wants a change, you have to start over. It's a deadline thing.

More recently, I've been working in a more digital style. I still like the way it looks, but it's a lot easier to change and improve things.

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Record sleeve

Album cover for Talbot Adams' LP release on Secret Identity Records.

Rad BMXer in Seattle

Retirement incentives attract people to Louisiana

From Louisiana Life magazine. Retirement incentives are luring seniors to the state. I illustrated the same story a year before. This one was a lot better.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack

Some silly band...

WWF bio board

I made these "bio boards" for a client's conferences. The participants are marketing executives, and these illustrations help connect the executive with his or her industry.

Polaroid bio board

Another "bio board", for a Polaroid executive.

Harvard Business School bio board

Another "bio board."

"I'm Holding In A Lot Of Anger" t-shirt

T-shirt featuring one of my illustrations for Cotton Bureau.

Sustainable Landscapes + Culture poster

Collaboration with designer Kristin Rogers Brown.

Men's Health: Your Heart

From an article on men's health in Kingfish Magazine.

Best of New Orleans: St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square

From "Best and Worst of New Orleans", New Orleans Magazine. This is a best.

Worst of New Orleans: Baggy pants

Baggy pants. From "Best and Worst of New Orleans," New Orleans Magazine

A thirsty dog from France

I drew this to warm up during a life drawing class at SVA.

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