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I'm currently employed full time at an advertising agency in Austin, Texas, so I'm not looking for another full-time job (though I do appreciate all the recruiter e-mails, espcially the ones where the writer seems aware that I don't live in Connecticut or New Jersey). It's nice to feel wanted.

I am entirely available for free-lance illustration or animation assignments. Contrary to popular belief at my office, I'm happy to animate banner ads (and you'll get properly coded HTML5 back). The thing I can't do is work that is in direct competition with what I do at the day job, which basically means major telecoms are out.

But I would be happy to give you a quote for any kind of print or digital illustration, or HTML5 animation, so please contact me! And if you're here based on a mailing I sent you, thanks! (If you'd like to receive a mailing from me, just drop me an email at david@davidrhoden.com. Include your address.)

If you're still interested, please take a look at my illustration portfolio, my web development portfolio, and my résumé, if you're into that sort of thing.

David Rhoden
321 S. Clark Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70119
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