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This is just the dumping ground place for all the news that doesn't belong anywhere else on the site, or probably anywhere, for that matter. If you've come here, you've come too far! Get out by following one of the links below.

Help Dan!

Look how homeless he looks!
Can't you just hear him muttering unintelligibly?
Won't you help him find a home?

Mountain Shoutin’

A bunch of hillbillies that found theirselfs in Austin, Texas, where the music bidness didn't want nothin' to do with 'em.

Mountain Shoutin' on Bandcamp

The Stacks

One of many bands to bear the appellation, the Stacks have been going off and on since Antoinette K-Doe offered us a New Year's Eve gig at the Mother-In-Law Lounge. There have been I think fifteen different people in the band and I'm the only constant.

The Stacks' Website

Fred Friend


A looooonnnnng time ago I wanted to learn some basic Flash concepts, so I invented a lonely boy with a terrible need for companionship and oxygen.

Visit Fred Friend. He's lonely.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack

I played drums and sang in this ludicrous R&B band that started out in New Orleans and ended up in NYC after Hurricane Katrina. Very fun, and liable to reform when cash is waved.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack website
Jimmy and The Wolfpack on Bandcamp

All-Night Movers

My two-piece band with Slade Nash, a human drum machine who could drive and mix drinks. Everything you could want in a drummer. The band didn't last long but we played a ton of shows in, I think, nine different states.

All-Night Movers website, just as it was....

Picutres from Saltillo

I went on a trip to Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico to help some classmates build a house.

Pictures from Saltillo


Clavdivs, Brvtvs, and Avgvstvs = Maximvs. Not well-known in New Orleans, we played all over the place out of town, from Texas to North Carolina.


A Guide to Austin, Texas Pavement Markings

For some reason, a lot of the sidewalks in Austin are signed by their makers. I had always thought putting in sidewalks was a public function, but apparently Austin hires contractors who are really proud of their work.

A Guide to Austin, Texas Pavement Markings

The Dirty Knives

The Dirty Knives was mainly me, Sara Essex, Trey Ledford from LaBrea Stompers, and Dan Haugh from godHeadSilo. We were truly sloppy, and our one tour coincided really closely with the 9/11 attacks on New York City. The music was rather ponderous and, I don't know, mis-matched? Confused in its aims? But it seemed fun and good at the time.

The Dirty Knives old, old, old website, very influenced by the aesthetic of the time

"I Told You So" .mp3

I helped make a commercial with Mr. Sulu

When I was a kid, I lucked into getting to help George Takei film a commercial for my hometown Chattanooga's bus line.

More on how I helped make a commercial with Mr. Sulu

The Hi-Balls

The first band I played guitar in. The second band I made a vinyl record in. Me. Alan Dorsey, and Shannon Smith were the unlikely trio called The Hi-Balls. When we started our M.O. was to write, record, and mix and album of songs in a day, and do it about once a year. We really didn't stray too far from that method of working.

I'll write more about the process someday, but for now you can hear the results.

The Hi-Balls on Bandcamp

Snake Oil

waaay back in history, three thousand years...I was in a band while studying literature at a notorious party school.

Snake Oil on Bandcamp

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