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I'm only rarely called upon to do graphic design; mostly I just draw the pictures. But occasionally it falls to me to organize the words as well. And I've done a lot of what you might call graphic design production, working with style guides or talented designers to produce promotional materials and publications.

Here are a few examples or my graphic design work.

Three Ring Circus monthly schedule

I did these circus-inspired calendars for monthly events at a New Orleans art gallery.

"I'm Holding In A Lot Of Anger" t-shirt

T-shirt featuring one of my illustrations for Cotton Bureau.

Sweet Science movie promo poster and postcard

I did the illustrations and designed the promo materials for this film (that so far hasn't been made) in which Albert Einstein and palooka Gerry Cooney inexplicably (or maybe explicably, I dunno) switch brains and still save the world.

Hurray For The Riff Raff

Hurray For The Riff Raff Web Site

I did all the design and coding for this responsive website for a major-label recording artist.

It's a custom theme built on top of a Wordpress back end.

Go to the Hurray For The Riff Raff site

business card for a music business consultant

The Hi-Balls "Tube Or Not Tube" sleeve

CD cover for the Hi-Balls Tube Or Not Tube album. I wish it were an LP cover.

Go to the Hi-Balls' Tube Or Not Tube on Bandcamp

silkscreened show poster and vinyl stickers

I silkscreened about five of these onto wood panels (sold out), and then, with help from friends, we printed several hundred big vinyl stickers by ganging the job on the end of a bus wrap printout. The paper cutter we used to slice them was about twelve feet long.

The Hi-Balls "Love Music" sleeve

Cover for the Hi-Balls Love Music album. The illustration is by me but it's a swipe of a much better illustration from an old road atlas.

Go to The Hi-Balls' Love Music on Bandcamp

The Hi-Balls "Feel Good Rock and Roll" 7" sleeve

Cover for the Hi-Balls Love Music 7". Swiped from Bazzini Nuts' "Nut Club" peanut packaging.

It wasn't so much that we had no ideas, what happened was we had a line on a really cheap printer, it was a menu printer on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn with an offset press that they didn't bother to register. We needed a design where the registration hardly mattered. Each finished product was actually unique.

Go to The Hi-Balls' Feel Good Rock and Roll 7" on Bandcamp

Ernie K-Doe show flier

Inspired by letterpress or screen printed show posters, even if it is not one.

silkscreened band poster

I drew the letters by hand using silkscreen resist fluid, and screened blue ink onto orange paper. Very messy.

silkscreened band poster

I cut this design (the black layer) out of rubylith! Amazing stuff, but so time consuming. The orange layer was probably done by cutting a screen out of notebook paper.

Rubber Maids Trees sleeve

Kim Fowley saw this and said, in the grossest way, "It's nice, but I'd like to see a lot more of the pretty girls on the cover." They didn't end up using this cover. I still like it. Tree photos by yours truly.

Bachelor No. 1

I was co-editor and co-designer of this xeroxed fanzine.

Flunkrin typeface

Yeah....I really knew what I was doing. Look at that Q. This font is just Franklin Gothic with hand-drawn shadows.
Right-click to Download Flunkrin.

All-Night Movers album cover

Album cover design using my "original" font, Flunkrin. Photo by Jeff Pounds. All-Night Movers website.

Talbot Adams album cover

Design and illustration for this Mississippi-based recording artist whose record company is in Germany. The record is on red vinyl.

26 Heads typeface

A very very very useful font if what you need to do is doodle a few hundred faces in nice neat rows.
Right-click to Download 26 Heads.

tiny rock posters

Tiny Roman rock posters given out as throws for the 'tit Rex 2017 parade.

Belikeme typeface

Now you can pretend your handwriting is as sloppy as mine.
Right-click to Download Belikeme.

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