Tuesday, October 11, 2016

thanks for the visit New Orleans

I hadn’t been back “home” to New Orleans in months. I came down this weekend, driving from Austin, since Trey was going to be there and Bailee from the Saturn Bar gave us a Saturday night for which we are mighty grateful. We had one rehearsal Friday night and then we played Saturday; I thought it was pretty great. The O-Pines were great too, but that’s no surprise.

What else did I do? Went to Markey’s a couple of times cause it’s easy. Sat in the grass at Markey Park and got a couple of fire ant bites but also drank bourbon and discussed things. Picked up the Fall “Slates” reissue at Domino Sound Record Shack. Had a hamburger at Kukhnya. Had a pizza and gin and tonics with Alec in Mid-City. Had bacon and eggs with Trey at Ariel’s. Saw friends I hadn’t seen in too long. Spent $800 getting new front brakes on my pickup (at Midas on Canal next to Betsy’s Pancake house, which was closed. They did a good job.). Fell asleep in front of a DVD. Dreamed I was approached by a sex-hungry leper. Substituted fries for meals more than once. Forgot to bathe.

I find it easier to have fun in New Orleans than anywhere. Honestly, this weekend, in fun units (suggestions for names of a fun-unit welcomed) was the equivalent of a year in Austin, for me. I wish I could afford to live there.

Posted by David Rhoden on 10/11 at 06:19 AM
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