Friday, January 13, 2017

So you say you don’t like New Orleans slow bureaucracy

I called 311 cause I don’t have a trash can, just a recycling bin. You need your Sewerage and Water Board account number and I had that. But the woman, Freddie, was having a hard time (“The system is not working. You’ll get an email saying your request is open, but it’s closed too”). She finally said she was sorry, she had all the information and she’d call me back. I said fine and I went to go back to work, and that’s when I noticed my neighbors have two trashcans, and one of ‘em says “321 S. Clark.” That’s my address.

Freddie called me back.
“OK, the can is ordered. It should be there in seven to ten days.”
I said great, but it looks like my neighbors have my can.
“Should I just go and get it? I don’t know these people.”
“Well, Mr. Rhoden, people are so strange these days. I wouldn’t want to cause trouble for you. Do they seem like nice people?”
I don’t know, but they have baby stuff all over the place.”
“Well, if they have babies around they can’t be all bad.”

Spending my tax money in this way is one reason why I moved back to New Orleans.

I also went to get an oil change today at the place on Canal Boulevard where I got it done last time. And they said, you’re not really due yet. We’ll just top your oil off, give you a new sticker and a cold beverage and you come back in a thousand miles. No charge.

Posted by David Rhoden on 01/13 at 10:37 AM
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