Sunday, February 19, 2017

not an utter disappointment

In case you thought the previous post referred to current events, it didn’t. I “rode” yesterday in ‘tit Rex, the Mardi Gras parade of tiny floats built on a shoebox. (Our float was actually built on an enormous boot box, leading Brad Brewster to comment that we were going in an Endymion-like direction.

Here’s our float, “Nappus Interruptus”:

image by David Rhoden

image by David Rhoden

And here are my float partners who invited me to ride, Robin and Eric:

image by David Rhoden

I am pleased to report that I didn’t throw away my old tuxedo, thinking, “it’s too small but I’ll probably need it for some Mardi Gras thing.” I got into it and stayed in it! I haven’t put it on in sixteen years.

image by David Rhoden

My part of the float,, which was both Roman-themed and noise complaint -themed, was to make little “Roman concert flyers, which we stuck to magnets to use as throws.

image by David Rhoden

It was really fun, though walking through a crowd of parade goers and not having nearly enough throws is tough.

Posted by David Rhoden on 02/19 at 06:23 PM
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