Friday, August 11, 2017

I built a website for Luke from Happy Talk Band

Continuing a theme of somewhat work-related blog posts, I designed and built a website for Luke Allen from Happy Talk Band.

image by David Rhoden

I was merely pleased with the site until I came up with thing that generates a random-colored “rock poster” for the upcoming shows (see bottom right, home page). Then I was tickled with it. I laughed out loud at my own joke. (The typeface on those is called Grotesque Rough, by the way. Don’t use it. I use it for everything.) Probably the most fun part of making this site, in terms of chuckles per math mistake, was adding a small, random rotation to the “staples” holding the faux flyers to the web page.

One thing I’d like to mention is I’ve been catching up on the Happy Talk back catalog while coding this site. You should too. The new record is the best one (“Please Be Good” and “Grackle” belong on the radio. I have a grudge against grackles though). But I was also psyched about some of the stuff I missed when I was living in New York. The recording on Starve A Fever is surprisingly massive and orchestral but it sounds great, and it’s really good for the songs. Another thing I don’t hear said enough is just how funny a lot of these mournful songs are. You get lines like “I took a journey on an Army surplus gurney, my attorney has declined to take my calls”, which I wish I had written and I bet Bob Dylan does too. There are also funny stories like “Mercury Lexapro” and the infuriating “Muggers’ Waltz”; there are a lotta laffs in this catalog.

The point of the site of course is for y’all to buy the records, or, I guess I hafta say, CDs. They’re good, y’all. You have a genius in your midst; don’t procrastinate.

If you like this site and you or a loved one needs a website, holler at me. I need a side hustle.

Posted by David Rhoden on 08/11 at 10:15 AM
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