Tuesday, October 25, 2016


image by David Rhoden

Someone suggested that I should enjoy this time off from work and work on my art. The problem is I pretty much come up with my ideas for art while I’m at work, and then I’m too tired to make them after work until the weekend comes around. When I have time, like now, I’m mostly not thinking about art; I’m thinking about getting some work. Which leads to exciting, committed work like the drawing above. (Sketched while on the phone discussing an interview that wasn’t really right for me.)

In case she’s reading this: I have been working with a recruiter who I have a lot of faith in, she really seems to know the people she says she does. I know a lot of my colleagues are dismissive of recruiters or consider them spammy parasites. I know why they think that, and that’s just obviously true of many. At the same time I’ve worked with a few who really did what they are supposed to: screen jobs and applicants with an eye to putting together good combinations. Even if she’s not reading this, there’s a shout-out to a decent recruiter.

I should be doing a web comic or even making some small sellable art or putting stuff on my Etsy for the gift-giving season but mostly I’m trying to get my aging MacBook to recognize my aging scanner.

Hey, band rehearsal tonight, and finally a show this weekend. That’ll be fun, I can’t remember the last house party I played. It wasn’t the one where we got so much rhythm going the china cabinet crashed to the floor (narrowly missing the drummer), was it? Al, Shannon? No, it was at Steve’s in the Truck Farm, I think.


Hey, I have a mailing list sign up on my site but only a handful of (awesome) people have signed up for it. Should I get rid of it, or double down on asking people to sign up for it? I think I could make it fun. It would give me a reason to go on, really. Let me know. Comment here or on FB/Twitter, please.

Posted by David Rhoden on 10/25 at 10:41 PM
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