Dreamhost: anybody ever use it?

I’m stuck using Dreamhost, it’s a client’s account, and I’m wondering if anybody who reads this has ever used it? It seems OK on the surface, but I can’t get it to run my Craft CMS site I built for the client. It’s telling me over and over that I don’t have the proper credentials. I’ve set up four different MySQL users and tried all their different passwords to connect the site to the database but I always get an error. At the same time, I can connect using Sequel Pro and make edits to the database, so I know it’s not something as simple as I typed the password wrong.

I think maybe it as to do with the origin or the request, like maybe I need to open some domains in the control panel to allow connections from websites, but Dreamhost isn’t clear about it a tall, and their Help Desk just told me if I could connect with Sequel Pro then everything was good. But it’s not. It’s not good, Dreamhost.

Again, any Dreamhost users who might be able to clue me in?

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