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It’s been a while since I’ve had a work-related thing worth noting, but I’m pretty excited about this. I’ve rebuilt and redesigned http://mikeedison.com, the website of the author of You Are A Complete Disappointment and about a million other books, songs, articles, and wrestling plots.

image by David Rhoden

For those who want to know, I replaced a Wordpress install that never made anybody truly, truly happy with a CraftCMS content management system. I can’t say enough good stuff about Craft CMS. It’s new for now but it’s going to be the dominant CMS soon. It’s just way better for developers, especially CSS devs who are tired of “adapting” Wordpress (adapting = digging around in mounds of nested code and hoping for the best).

It’s just a huge improvement on the Wordpress site (which I also built). You could print out all the CSS on about two pieces of paper. Best of all, there’s nothing there that I didn’t put there. That’s right, there are no bollixed-up “responsive” “themes” in Craft CMS like you have in Wordpress. It’s a really welcome change: nothing to remove before you can get started. It’s as responsive as you want to make it, and there’s no mystery code. (Check the sitte on a mobile device, by the way. It works really well. And the telephone stylesheet is just 106 lines long.)   

If you or your business or your friends are interested in a website, get in touch.

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